Fresh Coffee and Beverage Center

When you enter our dentist office, you will be greeted by the smell of freshly brewed coffee for your enjoyment. Come enjoy a cup before you get your teeth cleaned or take a to-go cup on your way out. Complimentary chilled bottled water and other beverages are available as well.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation and Oral Sedation

Nitrous Oxide Gas, often referred to as laughing gas, is an effective anesthetic that has many benefits for those seeking dental treatments.

The benefits of nitrous oxide are many, and the risks are few. We administer the gas with a comfortable mask placed over your nose, at which time you would be instructed to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. As a precaution, you should not eat anything for about two hours prior to use of the gas. As you breathe in the nitrous oxide, you'll begin to feel a pleasant level of sedation within minutes. Your cheeks and gums may also begin to feel numb. It is completely reversed in minutes and you will be completely alert before you even leave the chair.

Interestingly, nitrous oxide is one of the safest anesthetics available. Nitrous oxide is also routinely used by anesthesiologists for general anesthesia, in combination with other more potent gases.

We find nitrous oxide especially useful for those who fear dental visits. The effect of nitrous oxide is remarkable, easily calming those who are anxious about their visit in just a minute or two. Because nitrous oxide is so effective treating those with dental anxieties, we rarely need to prescribe Valium to be taken before an appointment.

If you are a little more apprehensive, we will be able to provide something a little more relaxing in the form of a pill after a consultation to determine that you are indeed a candidate for this form of sedation. This anti-anxiety medication can be taken the night before to help you get a good night's rest and then once again on the morning of your procedure.

In our practice, we use nitrous oxide on a case-by-case basis. We would be happy to discuss the many positive benefits of nitrous oxide, answer any questions, or discuss your anxieties about visits to the dentists.

We are fully trained and qualified to provide this form of sedation and we maintain and monitor your health with all the required equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable visit.


It can be a great distraction and very relaxing to listen to music on our noise cancelling headphones during your dental visits. We also encourage you to bring in your own favorite music to enjoy.


Check out the news, your favorite soap, or a sporting event on the flat screen television set available in each treatment room. Our patients tell us that focusing on a program instead of their procedures helps them relax, making the entire experience as comfortable as possible.

Neck Pillow, Blanket, Sunglasses, & Eye Pillow

You have these comforting options during your visits to our office. We always want your visits to be pleasant & relaxing.