Abscessed Teeth

It used to be that there was no such thing as an abscess tooth treatment for Bartlesville dentists; an infected tooth bad enough to be an abscess was usually just extracted. However, new dental technologies are constantly being introduced to help save diseased and damaged teeth, and aid in the prevention of further problems.

Endodontic treatment, known more commonly as root canal, is the most frequently used treatment for abscess tooth. The first step in a root canal is the removal of the pulp from the infected tooth. This is often temporarily filled while the infection heals. A crown is then placed over the tooth to avoid future infections.

Another type of abscess tooth arises from gum diseases. Gum Infections can eventually cause damage to the bones around the tooth. Periodontal treatments to cure the gum disease should be carried out before the situation deteriorates and additional complications develop.

In more serious cases, it may be necessary to extract the tooth to avoid infection from spreading to other teeth or nerve endings. Before the development of root canals and periodontal treatments, extraction was the only way to treat and abscess tooth. Bartlesville dentists and hygienists recommend that you maintain proper oral hygiene in order to prevent gum disease or tooth decay from occurring and thus avoid painful treatments to save the teeth and gums.