Bartlesville Dental Spa

Do you dread your next trip to the dentist? There is no reason to when you have the best Bartlesville dental spa, Ron Hart DDS. Our caring and friendly staff offers every treatment in a relaxed atmosphere with all the amenities of a day spa. Think of your visit to the dentist as a time to be pampered, instead of tortured as in the old days of dentistry.

Ron Hart DDS is determined to change the way patients see dentistry. Because of our vision for comfort and relaxation, we offer a wide variety of options during your visit with us. Can you imagine watching your favorite movie while having your teeth whitened or cleaned? We offer headphones and Direct TV along with foot and neck massages. In addition, heated back massage pads are available in our dental chairs.

As if that is not enough, we have scented towels with natural essences to enhance relaxation. Many of our patients find the need for anesthesia is greatly reduced simply because of the ability to relax. We provide an atmosphere that is worthy of being called a dental spa. The only difference between us and a day spa is the benefit of leaving with a beautifully crafted smile.

To experience a dental encounter that is like no other, give us a call at (918)336-3344. Our friendly staff will be glad to set you up for an appointment for a smile evaluation, dental implants, whitening, or any other procedure needed to improve your dental health. We use only the latest technology and dental techniques.