Bartlesville Dentist

The natural approach is the goal of Ron Hart DDS. Dr. Hart and the staff recognize that everyone really wants the results of any dental procedure or change to look natural. When we create a new look for a patient, it is of the utmost importance to complement the structure of the face and mouth.

We do a careful and thorough evaluation of the options, including a digital imaging projection of the changes. With our state-of-the-art software, we can take a patient through each stage, from the present state to the finished appearance, before initiating any type of treatment. This gives the patient the opportunity to determine if the look will be natural or not.

Everything about our office is designed to enhance a natural environment. From the aroma in the air to the genuine care and concern of Ron Hart DDS and the staff, we offer a relaxed atmosphere. Some of our patients choose to have sedation during their procedures, while others find they can relax totally within the natural approach we offer.

To schedule your visit with us, call (918)336-3344. One of our friendly staff will be glad to answer your questions or set up an appointment for a complete evaluation with your Bartlesville dentist. We use only the latest equipment for all procedures. Ultrasonic cleaning will gently clean your teeth, and our dental laser is used to treat gum disease successfully. Whether you need cleaning, whitening, or replacement of your teeth, we offer the best options available in the dental field.