Bartlesville Family Dentist

Fourty-six percent of the American population don't have proper access to a family dentist that they can visit for check-ups and procedures. Most commonly people find a family dentist by asking a family member or friend what dentist they visit and whether that dentist can be trusted to provide good care for his or her patients. Once you have a dentist picked out that you would like to visit, you must call that practice and see if they are currently accepting new patients. Considering that your friends and family know you best and know what type of care you are looking for, the is frequently a good method of finding a new dentist for you and your family

Frequently simply getting a referral isn't enough and you would like to actually meet your future dentist face to face before you allow them to become the dental care provider for your entire family. Most dental practices offer free consultations so that you can sit down and discuss any issues or concerns that you may have before becoming a patient to that practice. Questions you should consider asking are their rates for treatment and whether or not they are an overly busy practice as you wouldn't want to wait for months to get appointments in the future.

Another thing to consider at your consultation is to quiz your dentist. Go online before you appointment and find information about some of the newest advancements in dentistry. At your consultation, ask your dentist about these advancements to see if this dentist keeps him or herself up to date on the latest developments in dentistry. The dental field is a constantly evolving field and technologies are improving rapidly, and having a dentist who is unaware of these changes might indicate that this dentist is slightly behind the times.

Here at Ron Hart DDS, Dr. HART ensures that the families she provides care for always get the highest quality of treatment by keeping updated on all the latest technologies in dentistry. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Ron Hart DDS please call our office at (918)336-3344.