Dental Hygienists

Many of the fundamental functions that we experience in a typical dentist's office visit are performed by a dental hygienist. With a licensed degree as a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH), these professionals are trained in preventative dental care. It is important to remember that hygienist is not a dentist, however, but is frequently utilized in a consultation capacity in a Bartlesville dentists office visit for preventative dentistry.

With an RDH license, hygienists specialize in the removal of plaque and calculus, in addition to treating diseased gum tissue. Dental hygienists are typically who you go to for regular teeth cleaning and x-rays. Oral examinations and dental work, such as fillings and various other treatments that require other training, are carried out directly by the dentist.

The teaching of oral health is another specialty of oral hygienists. Oral health often varies during different stages of life, and it is the dental hygienist's job to update patients and teach them about these special situations. Courses on dental hygiene for children or pregnant women may be taught by a hygienist at a hospital or at a dentist's office.

Becoming a dental hygienist can be quite a rewarding experience. Dental hygienists take part in helping patients learn to be aware of their own dental health, thus helping them avoid future visits to Bartlesville dentists for painful procedures that could otherwise become necessary. In addition, most dental hygienist training programs are a great deal shorter than the education required for becoming Bartlesville dentists.