Millions of Americans suffer from chronic headaches but either never see a doctor or do visit one but have their condition misdiagnosed. This leads to a worldwide problem of people chronically suffering from painful headaches who never receive proper treatments that could substantially help them. Since many of these people undergo treatments that don't help them or are told by their doctor that there is no treatment for their type of problem they begin to feel hopeless. This is a somewhat frustrating situation for doctors who specialize in neuromuscular therapies because they know what is likely the true cause of these headaches, TMJ Disorder. This is a condition where an individual's jaw joints (TMJs) are not aligned properly and begin to pinch blood vessels and nerves in the area. Another problem caused by TMJ Disorder is that when the jaw is out of alignment the muscles attaching to it are also not in their proper position, causing these muscles to spasm and become overly active. These two problems (pinching of nerves/blood vessels and overly active muscles) are what leads to the symptoms of TMJ such as Headaches and Migraines. Other signs that may indicate that you suffer from this condition are popping or clicking jaw upon movement, stiff and painful jaw or facial muscles, ringing in the ears and even sore neck muscles.

If you suffer from headaches or any of these other symptoms and think that TMJ Disorder may be the cause, please feel free to call your local neuromuscular dentist Ron Hart DDS' office at (918)336-3344 for a complementary consultation. Ron Hart DDS will examine you and discuss your symptoms with you to see what treatment would be most proper for your case.