Implant Procedures

To start with, your dentist performs surgery to place an anchor, this surgery may take as long as several hours, and up to six month for the bone in your jaw to grow around the implanted anchor and firmly hold it in place. Occasionally, implants need an extra surgery in which a post is attached to connect the anchor to the replacement teeth. Some implants require that the anchor and post are already attached and placed at the same time. After your gums have had the required time to heal the artificial teeth are made and fitted to the post of the implant. Because a couple of different fittings may be required this step may take up to two month to finish.

Implant surgery may be performed at the dentist or in a hospital, depending on the patient's needs. A general or local anesthetic might be utilized for the patient. Most of the time pain medications are prescribed, as well as antibiotic if needed. Specific instructions, depending on your procedure, will be given to you as to what your should eat and how to clean your mouth after your treatment.