Stained Teeth

Many factors lead to stained teeth. The natural process of aging, foods and beverages are just a few. Some teeth have a grey, off white or yellow appearance to them. The amount of calcium in your teeth plays an important role as well as other nutritional factors. Some antibiotics can discolor your teeth, if taken when you are a child,

Severe discoloring of teeth can arise from cigarette smoking. Drinking red wine also significantly contributes to staining. Other beverages that are bad for the color of your teeth include coffee and tea. Tooth damage doesn't occur overnight from the sugar we eat, however, in teeth that are not cared for regularly, acids and sugars can damage the structure of our teeth and cause to tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities.

Regular tooth care and regular use of whitening agents can help to improve the color of your teeth. Toothpastes are an excellent way of removing surface stains, while deeper stains are best handled by whitening agents. If you're using a whitening agent, remember to brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste after. This helps cease any chemical reactions from proceeding for too long and will remove the extra whitening agent from your teeth.

Improving stained teeth can sometimes prove to be very difficult. Discussing the other options available to you with your Bartlesville dentist is an effective way to learn about all the latest processes under development to help people with their concerns for their stained teeth. Porcelain veneers has become one option that many choose due the fact that it whitens your teeth permanently and can straighten teeth and close gaps.