TMJ Bartlesville

Temperomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ Disorder) is a condition where a person's jaw joints are not properly functioning because they are out of alignment. Usually the problem with the joints is that they are displaced too far posterior towards the back of the skull. This creates a cascade of painful symptoms for the patient due to the fact that nerves and blood vessels that were immediately behind the jaw joints get pinched. This pinching of these nerves and vessels which supply blood flow and pain sensation to many regions of the head and neck is what leads to the symptoms of TMJ Disorder.

The other problem with TMJ Disorder is that when the jaw is not properly aligned with the skull, the muscles attaching to the jaw are out of alignment as well. This causes these muscles to become overly active and spasm which helps contribute to the painful symptoms of TMJ Bartlesville. These symptoms include headaches, migraines, neck and facial pains, painful or stiff jaw movements, and ringing in the ears. Many patients find it surprising that these frequently severe pains of the head and neck can originate from their jaw's less than ideal positioning. These patients are equally surprised by how well their symptoms respond to treatments which bring their jaw closer to ideal functioning position.

Many patients have total and complete cessation of the symptoms such as headaches and migraines in as little as one day after beginning treatments which help realign the jaw. These treatments most frequently focus on rebuilding the patients teeth because they are the primary factor which determines jaw position. These treatments can range from slight adjustments to high spots on your teeth which drive you jaw to poor positions, wearing a plastic orthotic over your teeth or restoring your teeth with porcelain veneers to bring your jaw to its ideal resting position.

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