Kathy is a dental hygienist who has been working with Dr. Hart since 1990. Prior to joining Dr. Hart’s team Kathy worked as a hygienist for 17 years. She has seen many changes in dentistry over the years and is always determined to learn new things. Kathy is certified in the use of the Soft Tissue Dental Laser and advanced training in the early detection and treatment of periodontal disease. Kathy is a familiar face to many of our existing patients. Patients know that they can confidently look to Kathy for help and advice on caring for their teeth and gums. Kathy Link , RDH – Dental Hygienist


Having been a patient of Dr. Ron Hart for several years, I've come to regard him and his team in a most positive way. It's truly a blessing to be the recipient of topnotch dental treatment, as well as to be surrounded by caring, dedicated, competent dental team members at each appointment. Whether obtaining routine periodontal care, restorative care, or support in treating my diabetic condition, I always benefit when receiving help from my friends at Ron Hart, D.D.S.

Your favorite patient,

Nancy 8-)

As a diabetic your whole body is affected by the disease, which includes your gums and teeth. Dr. Hart and his Staff are helping me fight my diabetic fight by providing me information on how my disease affects my teeth and what they can do to help me “Kick Diabetes in the Mouth”. My gum disease is a result of my diabetes, and through a series of Periodontal treatments my gums are turning around. Thanks for your help in my fight against gum disease.

Kenna S.