Meet Our Dental Hygiene Team

Please let us introduce our Dental Hygiene Team. We have worked very diligently to put together a team of young ladies who are dedicated to providing the type of health centered care that our patients need and deserve. This team of women put forth a great deal of effort, detail, and determination in order to provide this level of care. They meet regularly and share ideas in order to administer continuity for our patients.

From the initial visit and throughout a patient's dental experience in our office, these hygienists pay close attention to many areas of importance which affect a person's health.

Our Dental Hygiene Team is highly skilled in treating and monitoring patients with Periodontal Disease. They have attended many continuing education classes, are certified in using lasers, and have had tremendous success with non-surgical Periodontal Therapies. Their goal is to catch the disease in the earliest stages in order to get it under control and maintain it at a healthy level.