Meet Lori Roper

A woman whose life is about to undergo a major makeover

Independence KS Smile MakeoverLori Roper spends almost all of her time helping people.

A 36-year-old single mother of three living in Bartlesville, Lori juggles work and family duties 24/7. She works in her nursing job every weekday and many evenings with on-call hours on weekends. There has been added stress this last year as Lori has tried to help her parents in their struggles with aging, cancer and surgeries.

Now it is Lori's turn to be on the receiving end of help – beyond even her wildest dreams. A group of Bartlesville professionals decided to combine their talents to create a huge gift for Lori. She is undergoing a complete transformation through the first ever Bartlesville Beauty and Healthy Living Makeover. The public will share her story and her makeover unveiling in a few short months.

“I had been thinking for some time about organizing a makeover campaign,” Dr. Ron Hart, Bartlesville dentist, said. “When I met Lori I saw her potential. She was a woman who was sad and tired; she had put others before herself. The time had come for her to find her way back.

“I decided to proceed with the makeover and enlist the aid of a few friends in the community. As a group we decided to help Lori and at the same time show the people of Bartlesville what is possible with the services we have in our own city.”

The group gathered by Dr. Hart is assisting Lori with diet and exercise choices to benefit her whole family, along with providing cosmetic procedures that will enhance her natural beauty.

In addition to Hart's office, the makeover team includes Dr. J Reed Butler and Dr. David Stapleton – periodontists; Ambiance Hair and Day Spa, JPMC Physician Dr. Sheri Reinhard, skin care specialist Dr. Michael Collins, JPMC dietitian Sherry Jackson, Fitness Together, Something Like That Fashion Boutique, Let-tuce Fix-It and Bartlesville Regional Chamber of Commerce. Other sponsors might be joining the effort along the way.

“This great activity confirms that many of the quality of life practices in the medical, personal fitness and personal care areas can be found right here in the Bartlesville region making travel for these procedures unnecessary,” Chamber President Jim Fram said. “It reconfirms the Bartlesville region as one of the country's best places to live.”

For Roper the makeover experience is a huge blessing and surprise.

Born in Coffeyville, Kan., Lori Roper grew up the youngest of five children in Copan. Her parents always provided a strong support system for her, though this last year was really tough bringing seven surgeries for her mother and four surgeries for her father.

Lori loves her job at the surgery center and hospital, but the long hours can be stressful. When not working, she focus all her time on her children.

Even through the stressful times, Lori has tried to make healthy food choices and get five days of exercise each week. She is so excited about having professional assistance in her quest to obtain a healthier lifestyle and appearance.

“I always came from having to work from the bottom up,” Lori said. “Now this just came to me. I think God has a plan for people and things will work out the way they are supposed to. I want this to be an inspiration for my kids too.”

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