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Tulsa Cosmetic DentistI've had trouble with my teeth for many years. Most days were very uncomfortable from pain. My teeth had broken in several areas and a local dentist had placed four crowns on my front teeth. Periodically, the crowns would come out and, although I laugh about it now, it was very unnerving not knowing if one of them would fall out during a meeting. I visited Dr. Hart; he presented his plan and showed photos of other patients he had treated. I decided to accept his program and, without hesitation, highly recommend Dr. Hart. If you have high expectations from your dentist, you won't be disappointed with Dr. Hart or his staff.

Ken Duncan, CSHO, Survive the Drive America Foundation

Coffeyville KS DentistryBefore I had my smile done my teeth were really small and one had been badly discolored by tetracycline. Dr. Hart changed all that with eight upper veneers. Now people comment all the time on what a nice smile I have! I'd tell anyone who has problems with their teeth that this is a good investment-and do it sooner rather than later. I mean, why wait? Dr. Hart does beautiful work and really stays on top of the trends. I totally trust him. And I'd recommend his practice to anyone.

Penny Zellers-RN for a Dermatologist

Tulsa Cosmetic DentistI first went to see Dr. Hart to have my smile whitened because my teeth were dark and yellow. Unfortunately, I wasn't a candidate for whitening so Dr. Hart suggested something even better-veneers. He did my upper front teeth and I absolutely love my smile now. People don't even realize I had anything done because my teeth look so natural. Dr. Hart is such a perfectionist. That gave me a lot of confidence. When I had my temporaries in he actually gave me his phone number so I could reach him 24-7 if there was any problem. How many doctors would've done that? Dr. Hart and his team really go of their way for their patients!

Kathy Pollack-Manager, Boles Jewelry Store

Independence KS Teeth WhiteningI had braces as a teenager. When they came off there were holes left from decalcification, which meant I needed bonding. By the time I went to see Dr. Hart the bonding was chipped and discolored and my bottom teeth were yellow. I assumed Dr. Hart would redo the bonding but he wanted to do the job right. He transformed my smile with veneers-what a difference! My new smile gave me confidence and my career took off after I had the work done. For the first time, my smile was an asset! I see people at the grocery store and think, if they only knew how much a new smile would change their lives, how much better they'd feel about themselves. I want to run right over and tell them to go see Dr. Hart!

Mechelle West-Commercial Loan Officer

Bartlesville OK DentistryThe bonding on my front tooth was getting old and chipping and it was becoming the focal point of my smile. I really wanted to get veneers to correct the problem and since Dr. Hart had been my dentist for years, I knew he was good when it came to cosmetics. Eight veneers later I have a smile I'm really proud of. People come up to me almost on a daily basis to comment on how beautiful my smile is. I love that! Dr. Hart is really into his patients. He's trustworthy and his team is fun. There's no reason to fear going to the dentist with this office.

Angela Fiore-Mother of Four

Independence KS porcelain veneersBefore I came to Dr. Hart my teeth were really worn down because I'd been grinding them for years. Plus, I had awful headaches. I'd visited several other practices but no one had a solution to my problems-other doctors just patched my smile. Dr. Hart knew my problem was an out-of-balance bite. He gave me a full mouth reconstruction, realigned my bite, and got rid of my tooth grinding and my pain. The aesthetics are nice but definitely not the most important part for me. What matters most is how much better I feel. Dr. Hart is extremely professional and a complete perfectionist. I would recommend his work to anyone.

Mike Wood-Director of Finance, Conoco Phillips

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