Sensational Smiles

Coffeyville KS porcelain veneersMy teeth were so short and worn they'd almost been ground down to the nerves. They were getting so bad that I knew I had to do something. Dr. Hart suggested a full mouth restoration and I'm glad I decided to go for it. Dr. Hart really knew what he was doing. My teeth look a lot better now and I feel better too. I should have had it done years ago.

John Hoyt-VP, Village Inn Pancake House

Tulsa DentistI'd lived with tetracycline staining for most of my life. My teeth were so dark when I was a teenager my smile made me self-conscious and I wasn't going to put up with it as an adult. Dr. Hart's advanced training in cosmetic dentistry was a big part of my decision to go to him. He does wonderful work. He created a beautiful and very natural looking smile for me-something I'm proud to show off. People comment on my smile all the time now and that gives me confidence. I can't believe I put up with my old one for so long!

Joy Ismert-Physical Therapist, Lifespan

Independence KS Cosmetic DentistI always wanted to get veneers to cover the tetracycline staining I've had since I was a kid. My other dentist brushed the issue aside but Dr. Hart wanted to do it right. He created eight upper veneers for me that changed my entire look. Before, I used to be self-conscious and worry that people were focusing on my teeth instead of what I had to say. I don't worry about that at all anymore. I smile more now and have a lot more confidence. Best of all, the veneers are so natural looking people don't even realize I had anything done. I have a friend who is thinking about doing it too and I told her to go for it. I know how much better she'll feel about herself after it's done.

Amanda Bretz-College Student

Bartlesville OK Cosmetic DentistMy bite was all wrong and I ground my teeth until they were short and worn out. The effects were really noticeable. Not only in the teeth themselves, but my whole face was affected. I looked like a grandfather-much older than I actually was. Dr. Hart recommended a full mouth reconstruction and I knew it was the way to go. Dr. Hart is a perfectionist. I know because I've been coming to his practice for years. After he corrected my smile, I looked younger and felt better than I had in years. If you're thinking of having this kind of work done, definitely go to Ron. Considering the time and monetary commitment involved, don't even think of going to anyone else.

Eric Holbert-Stock Broker

Tulsa porcelain veneersMy front teeth were crooked and had worn so thin you could practically see through them. A friend recommended Dr. Hart and I'm so glad she did-his practice is phenomenal! He changed my smile with eight upper veneers and the quality of his work is exceptional. He also has one of the friendliest and most caring teams I've ever met. I've done skydiving in the past and I was more apprehensive about this. Everyone in Dr. Hart's office went out of their way to make sure I had a positive experience. I'm getting ready to move away but I intend to continue coming here for my dental work. They're that good! I don't think there is any comparison.

Doris Kastner--Retired

Bartlesville OK porcelain veneersI used to hate my smile. My teeth were dark and I had a tooth missing on either side. When one of my kids told me he had, "just lost his first tooth too!" I knew it was time to have something done. Dr. Hart recommended a full mouth reconstruction. I'll admit I was very hesitant, even fearful, at the thought of having that much done. Dr. Hart was great though. He talked me through every step and was very gentle and sensitive to my fears. My new smile is magnificent. I love having confidence in the way my smile looks and in knowing it will look that way for life. If you've been thinking about having this kind of work done, figure out a way to do it. You'll feel so much better once you do!

Chedra Keller, M.S, LPC

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