May 8, 2013
Hi Everyone,
Just a quick thanks for your really quick service.  I was in a pickle for a short time--now I'm a happy camper!  A true "heart" in the Hart staff.
Thanks again,
P.S.  I didn't even get to put my tooth under my pillow!

Helen Donnell

Dear Ron Hart,

I am sending this letter to let you know of my experience during my visit to your office.

I was caught by surprise when the nice folder arrived with the paperwork inside for me to fill out and bring to your office during my visit. It's not that the paperworking surprised me but the folder with the nice lay out with all the information you took such care to include about your office and your crew that works for you.

Than the extra time it took to know more personal things to assure the comfort level of my visit to your office.

Upon my arrival to be greeted and asked if I would like someting to drank, coffee, tea, water. She was very professional and kind.

When I was taken back to be talked with and work to be performed by the young lady, she was very detailed in making sure I knew what she was going to do to me, and as she was doing she also made sure each step of the way I wasn't being hurt. You will never know the fear I have at a Dentist office. They normally have to give me pills to take before I ever get there so I don't know anything, that's how scared I am of a dentist office. I have such nerve damage that it doesn't take anything to hurt me, this is why it takes a lot for me to go to the dentist.

Then Ron when you came in to visit with me, you really made me feel at home. You made me feel as though I had been coming there forever and you were glad I was back. You will never know how easy you and your staff made this visit on me. Your facility is beautiful and your crew is so kind, I have never been to an office that has ever made me feel so welcome as yours did. I hope that it will always remain this way and I have passed the word along at church, on facebook and anyone who asks for a dentist I will put your name right out there for all to know.

Respectfully yours,

Charlotte Fultz-WorKman

Dr. Hart & Leslie,

I am very pleased with the dental work performed on me on 1/16/2013. "GREAT WORK"

Thank you,

C. J. Riley

When I came in as a new patient with Dr. Hart, I was a little surprised to find how much emphasis he was putting on my diabetes. As a nurse for the last 35 years, I knew the importance of maintaining good oral health; however, my blood sugars have been rising with age and it was determined that I was developing periodontal disease. My previous dentists had said that I was having bleeding around some of my crowns, but didn't think that anything further needed to be done and they would "watch" it. Dr. Hart stressed that I should address this issue as soon as possible, so we began treatments. It was the best decision I could have made. Whitney was a highly capable professional; she was gentle, personable and very thorough. She always took whatever time was necessary to answer my many questions. After completing the course of treatment, I witnessed a dramatic change in my fasting blood sugars. My A1C is showing improvement already. I am so encouraged, and I'm grateful to Dr. Hart for caring not only for my dental health, but for my overall health. Thank you, Dr. Hart!


Dena S.

It was in 1987 that I was diagnosed with diabetes. In time my gums deteriorated and I sought help from Dr. Hart and his staff.

The assistance I have received has been excellent and my gums have improved so much. My hygienist has been such a source of valuable information, practical help, and positive encouragement. Thank you!

Please call Dr. Hart's office, 918-336-3344, where you, too, will receive the excellent care that I have.


Shirley Barnhart

Having been a patient of Dr. Ron Hart for several years, I've come to regard him and his team in a most positive way. It's truly a blessing to be the recipient of top notch dental treatment, as well as to be surrounded by caring, dedicated, competent dental team members at each appointment. Whether obtaining routine periodontal care, restorative care, or support in treating my diabetic condition, I always benefit when receiving help from my friends at Ron Hart, D.D.S.

Your favorite patient,

Nancy 8-)

As a diabetic your whole body is affected by the disease, which includes your gums and teeth. Dr. Hart and his Staff are helping me fight my diabetic fight by providing me information on how my disease affects my teeth and what they can do to help me "Kick Diabetes in the Mouth". My gum disease is a result of my diabetes, and through a series of Periodontal treatments my gums are turning around. Thanks for your help in my fight against gum disease.

Kenna S.